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Thangsings belong to the Ngaihte clans who claim themselves to be the eldest sons of Ngaihte.They are pre-dominantly settled in Churachandpur district of Manipur.There is also a considerable population in the neighbouring states of Assam,Nagaland and in Chin state of Myanmar. Most of the Thangsing(s) speak Khuangnung dialect which is commonly known as Simte language in Manipur,India.However, the eldest among them use the Lailo dialect. They are a ruling clan among the Simte's and founded a number of villages in Manipur.Some villages which are still in existence are: 1)Thanlon 2)Zoutung 3)Sumtuh 4)Mongon 5)Pamzal 6)Sainoujang 7)Suangpeeh 8)Tallian 9)Suangdai 10)Tuijang Among all these villages, one of the most important village head by THANGSING is THANLON. THANLON, situated 3819 feet above sea level, is blessed with beautiful scenery, healthy climate and good water sources. It is one of the oldest villages in Churachandpur district. Thanlon and Tualbual are synonyms. Thanlon was selected by C.S.Booth, the then S.D.O., Tamenglong to be an administrative outpost within the erstwhile Tamenglong subdivision. Therefore it was an administrative outpost from 1934 until it was upgraded to a circle officer’ headquarters in 1946. The area occupied by government servants is known as Thanlon Lambulane and the area occupied by the Chief and his villagers is known as Tualbual. LUMTHANG Lumthang was a great chief of Ngaihte clan of Simte tribe. A century ago, he had established Thanlon (Tualbual) village. Major J. Shakespeare, SMS, gave him a boundary paper dated 11 February 1906 written in Lushai language which is reproduced below: Lumthanga Ramri Pathawnga’n lengphun kawna, Vangngul lui, Cherchi lui, Derkai kawn, Derkai lui, Tuivai Pamjal lui, Kaihlam tlangdung ramvawm lui Tuipui Thlanlawn lui, Kotukawn Tualbual lui Tuijang Pathawng lungphun. 11-2-06 J.Shakespeare Rampui Major

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